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Feb. 15th, 2011

In the last few days I have begun to encounter Sin'dorei that, while still possessing the arrogance of their race, have been quite amiable.  The gentlemen, for despite the effeminate appearance both genders of that race hold, were quite friendly - every one of them offered to locate a magister that I might speak with and cease this insufferable waiting.  (Unfortunately, it would seem members of that caste retire quite early, as none were available either night.)

I have also in the last two nights met the same number of goblin males.  The first seemed more interested in gaining access to my monies - funding, he called it.  The investment seems sound, however, and I believe I shall finance a single expedition to test it's worth.  The second male person was a far more enlightening experience;  He spoke to me in the goblin tongue.  I of course understood everything that was said, though it would seem my pronunciation is lacking (it is a difficult task, if not impossible, to learn proper diction from the written word, but I do believe I managed to do alright despite that disability.)

I have acquired open invitations from two of these gentlemen, and I fully intend to make good on those offers.  I will admit within these pages that I am beginning to become disheartened.  While I am beginning to change my opinion of the Sin'dorei race (at least in the face of the people's prejudice against myself) I fear that the magisters I so hope to speak with fall victim to the predilection so many of these elves hold tightly to.  I shall of course not allow weakness and fear to take hold.  A firm grasp of the situation as well as a strong constitution (which I of course possess in spades) should banish the intolerance and display my character to it's best ability.



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