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Apr. 17th, 2011

I have been so involved in my studies that I quite forgot to keep up with this journal.  Almost two months since I put my thoughts to paper.

There has been little of note to document.  I am studying with a Sin'dorei magus by the name of Vashian Dawnfury.  He is a rather peculiar individual, even for his race, but kind enough.  His knowledge of the arcane magics I seek to control is vast, though he learned trial-by-fire, as the expression goes, and sometimes has difficulty explaining the mechanics to me.  More than once he has become frustrated with my desire to not only control the actual magics, but to know also the hows and whys that make it work.

I am taking a few days away from my studies.  I have been instructed that I should collect some ingredients in order that I might craft a staff, a useful tool for focusing energy into as I am told.  A length of metal or wood is necessary.  I see no reason why I cannot use my trusty parasol.  It serves so many other purposes: walking stick, sunshade, pointing device, even at times a sort of weapon.  Why should it not have another use added to it's multi-purpose appeal? 

<an inkblot, as though the writer paused for a moment just as they began a new word>

How odd.  I had not noticed that elf sitting in such proximity to myself.  She quite appeared out of nowhere, holding out a thick page covered in color.  When I took it (with what I imagine was an expression of great confusion on my face) I saw to my astonishment that it was a painting of my humble self.  However, when I looked up to thank the obviously female hooded figure, she had simply vanished. 

The likeness is...well, it is rather flattering.  I know that I do not posses the beauty imbued in the subject, but I am grateful nonetheless.  I save it here for posterity's sake only, of course.

((Art by Niela.  TYTYTY!!!))


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Apr. 19th, 2011 02:14 am (UTC)
{XP I love how secretly vain Enid is.}
Apr. 19th, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)
((OMG! YAY! You get it!

I was so worried her idiosyncrasies would be buried in her archaic verbiage.

'She is *SO* vain.....

I really do need to play her more, if nothing more than so I can write for her more. SO FUN.

I'm just working on getting some BOAs so that leveling her isn't so painful...

~squee~ ))
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